Monday, October 26, 2015

Setting Apart - Boise, Idaho

My Stake President Andy Skoggins came over to our house on Monday night.  My immediate family was there.  I felt ready and wanted to keep moving forward.  I was both excited and dreading the MTC drop off. I also knew saying goodbye would be hard.

President Skoggins talked and laughed with us.  After about twenty minutes, he turned towards and asked me if I was ready to be set apart.  I nodded.  I was at peace.  

My dad and President Skoggins laid their hands upon my head.  I was blessed with many of the things I worried about: patience, language skills, knowledge, leadership, love for "MY" people.  It was so still in the room.  It answered so many concerns.

Afterwards I didn't have much to say, but the hugs and tears from my family and President Skoggins spoke loudly.

I was a missionary.  

Siostra Raquel Jaclyn DeMordaunt!

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