Sunday, October 18, 2015

Farewell and Brunch - Barber Valley Ward - Boise East Stake - Boise, Idaho

Grandma and Granda DeMordaunt!
(Thank you for all your support!  And for your example!)
My BFF roommate Brynnlee Bird! 
(Mama Mia forever! We missed you Mel!)
Cousin Austin 

(He was 6 weeks off of his mission to Denmark 
- we hadn't seen each other 4 years!)
Forever friends Ryan and Juls Rassmusen!
(We missed you Paige and Abby! 

Thanks Juls for the Cinnaknots!)

Aunt Chris (the strada master!) and Uncle Craig
and my cousins Emily, Allison, Bennett and Weston!
Cousins and my sibs:  

Isaac, Natalia,  Austin, myself, Sophia, Emily, 
Allison, Weston, Thomas, Dean and  Bennett 
(a few cousins are missing from this picture!)
My cousins are good looking!?

Uncle Joey and Aunt Becky who were there for 24 hours and made things happen!  
(I love you more than you know! 
I loved your mission stories Uncle Joey!)
My cousins Dean and Thomas!

(You'll keep me smiling!  Just wish I had your energy!)
My sweet cousin Chloe!  

(Chloe I'll never forget your hug after my talk!
Thanks Uncle Kevin for your big heart with my family!  I love you and Chloe!)

Jammin' girls: Angel Abaya and Teresa Cortens!  
(I'm coming back to jam in 18 even if you're famous!)
Aunt Krissy and Uncle BJ!

(I love you and will take a part of BJs whit with me!)
Grandma Jackie!

Teresa Cortens 
(You're one of the most true people I know!)
 Val Kempton 
(No words...I'll miss everything about you!  I'm counting on a future full of Val!)
Aunna Erickson
(Love you girl!  Not sure how I'll survive without our random texting!)

Here are a few random things I want to record about my farewell:

*The night before we had a family dinner and a few of my friends came.  I am so mad we didn't take a picture!  

*It was a day full of friends and family!  I was so grateful for all the support and love!  So many of you traveled for a quick 48 hour or less trip -thank you all for making the effort!  Thanks to all that couldn't make it - you were there in spirit and heart!  I love you.   I know I'll think back on things you said but most of all on how you supported me. You give me strength! 

*After much thought and prayer, I decided to speak at the church service on love because of how much love I've felt from our Heavenly Father, Christ and my friends and family.  I have chosen LOVE to be my mission motto!  

*I was grateful I was asked to choose the hymns!  Music can invite the Spirit and is one of my all-time favorite things in this world!

    Opening Hymn - How Firm a Foundation
    Sacrament - I Stand All Amazed
    Musical Number (piano solo by Brooke Ricks) How Great     Thou Art
    Closing - Called to Serve

*My aunts and uncles helping in the kitchen - cutting fruit, making strada, frosting my favorite chocolate cupcakes at midnight!  My mom and dad were so grateful for your help!  Thank you!

*The moment I realized I was saying good bye and that this was "it" for 18 months!  I hadn't thought about this fact happening at my farewell!

*That night I felt so good when I went to bed.  My day was complete with the Spirit, my family and friends! 

*There are so many of you that came to support me or sent me a text or message - the Christensens, Sontaggs, Wiskirchens, Brands, Uncle Reed and the list continues - THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  I hope to take all of your love and share it with others in my path!  Dziękuję!

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