Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wroclaw, Poland - Focusing on Wonderful Wroclaw!

Siostra Gheen!
Excited to work with her!
Wrocław looks like a storybook!
There are over 350 Wrocław dwarfs all around the city!
There is even an app that helps you find them!  They are adorable!
This is the Wrocław Philharmonica Orchestra!

March 6, 2017  3:32 AM

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

My first full week in Wrocław has officially been completed and oh do I love it here! I was definitely sad and my heart hurt in the beginning to be here instead of Warsaw but I knew I needed and wanted to be happy here! I set some goals and I got down on my knees and prayed and prayed! I feel so much more peace and closure!  I am happy! I feel so good about the work going on here – it is already up and running!  I am excited to see all the Wrocław has in store! I love my new comp Siostra Gheen! She is a hard worker and really wants what is best for the people here! I am excited to work with her and have learned so much already from her this past week.  Our friendship is growing and that is good for the work and our hearts!

This week started of with me being able to go the Branch President's home for family home evening with an investigator! He and his family are incredible! They have two little kids and are from The Ukraine! His wife taught the cutest lesson on Christ's resurrection using the glove example!  She explained how our bodies are the glove and our spirits are our hand! They separate at death and come back together when we are resurrected! It was such a cute lesson and the Spirit filled their home! It was so good for our investigator too! She is one of those incredible people in the world who is wanting to find what is good and right! This showed her that not only missionaries try to do what is right on a mission but that members do as well!!  They welcomed me with so much love!  Members can make such a difference!

The next day we were able to meet with her again! We talked about the word of wisdom! She doesn't have a problem with it and understands why we choose to keep it so the Spirit can dwell in our clean bodies!  We talked a lot about what it means to have the Spirit with us and how that can help us in our lives! She has been praying about baptism for a while now so we tied in how we can get answers through the spirit! We asked her if she felt she had ever received answers before and she said yes! We then asked her about baptism and a date she wanted to set!

But…first a little back story! Sister Gheen that morning had woken up and told me that she had a dream that she was going to be baptized on April 23.  We looked at the calendar and the 23 is a Sunday - people typically get baptized on Saturdays! When we asked her about a date she said she was thinking April 24 (Monday) so I suggested April 22 and she said “That feels right!” We were so excited! She is amazing and already has such an incredible light to her! I am confident that she will be ready! This was such a huge miracle for me this week!

The rest of this week was filled with me meeting people and learning how Wrocław life works! We are really trying to work with the members here! The members are incredible and so happy! They all gave me hugs and welcomed me to the branch! We were able to meet with some of them this week including President Turek's mom! She is co cute! The Turek family was converted when our President was young! I know that as we continue to work with members we will build the church here in Poland!

I love an activity that we do here in Wrocław! We go to two conversation groups! We sit and talk for about 30 minutes each round. A man hosts them in a local mall.  We can talk about whatever we want! It always leads back to the Gospel and I have loved getting to just talk about what it is like being a missionary here! 

Well…Wroclaw is incredible! The Lord knows what He is doing if we just submit ourselves to learn the plan!  I still love my Warsaw…and my Gdańsk…and my Szczecin…but for now I’m going to focus on loving Wroclaw!  And mainly through prayer my heart knows this is where I am suppose to be! I have felt so much peace lately with it all and I know God is so aware! I have already seen little miracles along the way (Companion! Investigators! Members! Conversation groups!) and I know they will continue to grow and grow! My district is amazing again and we are ready to see changes here!

I don't have much else to report as I am still getting use to it all but I know this is going to be a great transfer!! 

Kocham Was!!!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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