Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wroclaw, Poland - LAST TRANSFER - Płynie się dalej or Just keep swimming!

Last visit to Adams Collection Ties!
My English bro Starszy Ashworth!
Polish "TŁUSTY CZWARTEK" or Fat Thursday!
We waited in line for these Paçzki!
They try to eat as many as they can!
Starszy Haskett and his sketchy paçzki!
District paçzki binge!
Dream Beem, myself, Starszy Adriano, Starszy Einfeldt, Starszy Ashworth, Starszy Barlow
Lines to buy Paçzki start really early in the morning!
 We teach this family English!  They are so sweet!
It was amazing to watch this investigator change!
Starszy Barlow, investigator, Starszy Haskett
Last picture this transfer with our fish!
Another member I love!  She is from the Ukraine!
A member here I love!
I will miss these people!
Myself, Dream Beem, Starszy Barlow, Starszy Ashworth, Starszy Haskett, Starszy Einfeldt
Dream Beam and Starszy Ashworth and his new look! Haha!
Good bye dinner - I kept tearing up! 
Our fish, Starszy Barlow, Starszy Ashworth, Starszy Adriano, Starszy Haskett, myself, Dream Beem
A really sad good bye.  I got on the train and cried!
I love you Warsaw!
Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

First.....TRANSFERS!!! THIS IS MY LAST TRANSFER!  I have been transferred to Wrocław and I am serving with Sister Gheen!  Who is little and cute and positive and ready to work!  I look forward to getting to know her.  It is sad to think that this will be my last city and last transfer here in Poland! Ahhh where did the time go?! I am overwhelmed with emotion right now!!  Sad, joy, peaceful, and everything in between!

I was really blessed to have such a great last week in Warsaw! I love the people and the city!  We spent our last P-day running around and visiting our favorite spots, eats and stores! I had to go one more time to Adams Collection (ties) and as always it was so much fun to help the Elders picks out their ties! We also were able to meet with that cute young woman in the hospital! She is doing so much better! She was so happy and full of light! She has the best attitude of anyone I've seen that has had to go through such a hard situation! We were able to meet her mom as well - she is such a happy lady too! We could tell that having her mom there meant the world to her! I was so grateful I was able to see her one last time! She has forever changed my life and my mission! 

We also had TŁUSTY CZWARTEK or FAT THURSDAY!!! This is when people try to eat as many pączki (Polish donuts) as possible! We all woke up early as a district and stood in line (yes there are huge lines) to get our first pączek of the day! Elder Einfeldt had told us that for his birthday he wanted to eat five kebabs to put it into a certain case in Polish so he could say kebabów and of course Sister Beem and I decided to do the same with pączki... so we ate 5 pączków! (This language and its cases causes you to do things just to make it happen in the language!)  We were dying by the last one but when in Poland, do as the Polish do! I love this holiday and we had so much fun with it! 

We also had a baptism on Saturday! Starski Haskett and Barlow were able to see their investigator baptized! He is honestly amazing! He has changed his entire life but you could tell that it meant so much to him! It was a beautiful service! The best way possible to end the transfer!

Sunday was also so good! We had a “linger longer” after church. I was so grateful to have time to say goodbye to everyone!  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!

I want to take a minute and write about all the incredible people there! First our fish! He changed my life! I have never seen someone so willing to change and try so hard to be a good person! He has embraced everything incredibly well! He has also become one of my closest friends here in Poland! (And if you are wondering…there is no love connection!  He has that with someone else!)  He is just a solid good person that I cherish!  It was so sad to leave him! To watch him journey through the process of accepting Christ’s gospel, become baptized and keep serving and seeking the Lord has been something so sacred and exciting and beautiful!  There are no words but it is imbedded deep in my heart forever!  I’ll never forget the first time I met him on the street!  I know incredible things are in store for him! He is the best!

Our investigators! I have never had so many opportunities to teach such amazing people in Warsaw! I have learned something different from all of them! I know their time will come when they will see the Gospel work in their life and I am so grateful I was able to be apart of the journey – such a privledge!

The members! Where do I even begin?! The members here are amazing! They truly live the gospel! They have the biggest hearts! They made me feel so loved and appreciated! I am so grateful for all the members in Warsaw - both American and Polish!  You’ve given me goals on how to conduct myself in “real life” (that is scary!) back home!

The district! It was so incredibly hard to leave my district! We have been through a lot together! We've shared spiritual experiences!  We were obedient, worked hard and played hard!  We prayed and worked together for a smooth transition in blending branches!  They’ve seen me shed a few tears and know my faults!  They are all such incredible missionaries! They helped me in so many more ways than I think they will ever know! We were all so incredibly close and we felt like family! I have never laughed so much nor been so happy! I will forever be grateful I had the opportunity to serve with them!

Sister Beem! There is a reason I call her Dream Beem! This girl changed my mission! She made me laugh more than I ever thought I could! She was always there if I needed to talk it out or sometimes even cry it out! She has a way of going for it when she feels it, and this led to more miracles than I can count! She has so much light to her and has added so much light to my life! We became incredibly close! She has become one of best friends! She has helped me in more ways than I could ever thank her! I will miss her dearly but I will forever be grateful I was able to serve with her! Our “dream team” may have been split up but there will always be Dream Beem!  I love you Siostra Beem!

There are so many things that Warsaw taught me! I struggled when I came here!  I didn’t know why!  I even had a few moments of homesickness that far into my mission!  But the Lord knew what He was doing!  I needed Warsaw and I think in many ways it needed me! I love that city and the people there! They have such a special place in my heart! I won't lie it was so very hard to leave!  I sobbed!   

However I do know that it was time to leave. I know Wrocław has wonderful things in store! I am forever learning to trust in the Lord's plan! I am ready to give it all I have! When my fish found out I was transferred and that I was sad, he started singing "just keep swimming" in Polish or "płynie się dalej!" That is what I am going to do! As much as my heart aches leaving Warsaw I know I am suppose to be in Wrocław for a reason! I am trusting in the Lord's plan and I know it will all work out!  He’ll show me the way! I am grateful for everything I learned in Warsaw and the people I met there!

And guess what? Despite my tender heart, I am ready and determined to make this last city the best one!

I’ll “płynie się dalej” until I do! 

Kocham Was!!!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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