Monday, March 27, 2017

Wrocław, Poland - God is Good! The Gospel is pure!

Legnica!  It is a beautiful little city full of strong members!
I'm so grateful that it is part of Wrocław - the members and city add so much!

krok po kroku!
Poland!  You never disappoint!
There is always something to look at!
Wrocław District:
Back row: Starszy Jablonski, Starszy White
Middle row:  Starszy Kryzer, Starszy Dooley
Front row: myself, Siostra Gheen
Exchanges with in Katowice!
L to R:  Siostra Gheen, Siostra Van Woerkom, Siostra Anderson
 & myself

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

First thing I want to say is that GOD IS GOOD and the GOSPEL IS PURE! 

This week was CUDOWNY (WONDERFUL)!! 

We had two meetings with our investigators on Monday! The first was with the young, college aged girl! We talked about the law of chastity and it went of smoothly! That lesson can at times be taken really awkwardly. I was glad all went ok! She accepted all of it! We then started talking about her concerns again and if she has felt that she had received any answers! We talked a lot about prayer! Best of all she wants to receive answers and is doing her part! She is reading, praying, and studying everything she can! She said sometimes it is hard for her to focus when she prays - I had the thought to ask her to say her prayers aloud! (This always helps me to focus when I’m tired or distracted!)  She had never thought of that before and so she said that she would try it! That thought was not from me – IT WAS STRAIGHT FROM THE SPIRIT!  We also asked her if it scares her a bit to get an answer  - and she said it did! We talked about desire and about trusting God and in His plan! Ahh it was just so good! I will talk more about her later! 

The next meeting we had was with the lady we are helping to stop smoking! As of today she has not smoked in over a week! She is amazing! We had a really good follow up meeting with her that night and she was doing great!  Seeing people change is incredible!  

We also had exchanges this week in Katowice with Sister Van Woerkom and Sister Anderson! It was such a good time! We helped them track down some less actives and I was able to meet some of the members there! One member told us her story! She has such a strong love of the gospel and she recognized the need for truth, so she went looking for it! It was honestly amazing! I am always impressed with each member I meet that they have such incredible strength and love! I felt like we were best friends by the end of that meeting because of how dear she was to Sister Van Woerkom and me! I love those Kato sisters! I have always felt so blessed to be able to serve with such wonderful people! It was also my last exchange, which was incredibly surreal! I am so glad though I ended it there with those sisters! They are doing amazing things in Kato! Changes are headed their way! I feel it!

When we came home we had a meeting with our non-smoking investigator! While we were on exchanges we received updates and she still hadn't smoked! Sister Gheen and I both felt good about setting a baptismal date! We sat and talked with her about how she was feeling and her goals! We then asked her to be baptized for April 29! She agreed! We called President Turek to tell him and he said you should move it closer! After discussing this possibiltity Sister Gheen and I agreed that she could do it! The next day we started teaching her the lessons again! We started with the restoration and went step by step with her! She loved it all over again! She has a really strong testimony of the Book of Mormon! We then asked her if she felt she could move her date and she said yes! We moved it to Easter weekend! That whole Holiday is about new beginnings and this is going to be a huge one for her! We are so excited! She has changed so much! She has light to her and it keeps becoming brighter! She laughs now and smiles! She is more open and she has a new found confidence! She is beginning to feel the difference too! She can do this!

We also had two more meetings with our young, college aged girl! We sat and talked all about her concerns and everything she read! We were really open. Sister Gheen and I understood better where she was coming from! She is truly amazing! She loves the people at church, the teachings and standards! She really wants to know if it is true! It was such a good talk and we felt that we understood her better as well! The next lesson was about the temple! She had read a lot of things about it, what happens there and had some REALLY GOOD questions! We went over why we don't talk about everything that happens there! She understood how sacred and important it is to us!  We reviewed what the scriptures say about the temple and told her personally how we feel there! We cleared up a lot of things she had read! It was a really powerful lesson! The spirit was there so strongly! She really is amazing! She always thanks us for the lesson! She is making progress! I love her so so much!  I want happiness for her so badly!

We also met with the other young girl we are teaching! We talked to her again about the Atonement and what will happen after this life! She had a lot of questions! She couldn't believe that no matter what we did all of us would be resurrected! We explained to her how this is a gift from God! We talked to her about where we will be and how we can receive eternal life! She struggles to feel God's love for her! I feel she wants to believe in it! There is a difference in wanting to believe and trying out faith to believe! Sister Gheen and I both want her to understand that she is a child of God and that she is His daughter! She has so much light to her that she can't see! We had a really good talk about our divine identity and that this life isn't the end! She said she would pray about it and really think about it! She also agreed to pray about baptism and came to church! She is so sweet! I want to help her come to know who she truly is! She is starting to understand it all more and more!  Knowing that we are God’s children gives us direction nothing else can give us!

Sunday was just amazing! We had the Legnica branch here with us and so we had a huge group! We filled the entire chapel! There were miracles after miracles! The spirit there was just one of love and happiness! It was branch conference so President Turek and his wife came with their kids! The talks were perfect for everyone there! There were talks on the temple and loving others and missionary work! My favorite part was being able to lead the music as we sang the hymn the Spirit of God in Polish! There was such power to it! Everyone was singing it with such great emotion!  We (missionaries) sang with some branch members Lead Kindly Light! It was so beautiful! There were six investigators and potential investigators there!! YES SIX!!!!!! (I wish I could list personal names to people because sometimes writing my letters it seems so generic but for privacy and respect I don’t list them – just know they are so personal to me!) One of them is an older lady we teach English too and she just randomly showed up and stayed for Sunday school! After church we had a huge potluck! I loved sitting with the members and talking with them! They really are incredible! It was just such a happy day! 

At the end of the week Sister Gheen and I were talking at night about how amazing the Gospel is! I couldn't help but get emotional as I started to think about how much it has blessed my life and my mission and how I’ve literally witness it give “life” to people! 

GOD IS GOOD. He loves us. I know this is truth! I have never been more grateful to have the opportunity to serve! Miracles are happening! The gospel is true! 

Kocham Was!!!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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