Monday, March 13, 2017

Wrocław, Poland - Wrocław is Wonderful!

Escape Room for PDay - it was so fun!
District bonding!
(Raquel didn't write what these pictures were from - ?)
Basil plant from the elders for Womens Day!
Our cute Wrocław babcia (grandma!) whipping up
some Naleśniki (Polish crepes) for the missionaries!  So tasty!
Babcia's 70 year old cookbook with the Naleśniki recipe!
I about died and had to touch it!
She's a pro at making them!
Legnica sisters!
These are incredible, supportive women!
We had an Enrichment Night Activity learning about skin care!
They have been so welcoming!
I sent my letter later today because we visited Bolesławiec to see the pottery.
It is beautiful!  Each piece is hand painted or stamped and often includes dots or florals.
Pottery for miles and miles!
It has been produced here for over 1,000+ years using local clay!
I wanted to fill my suitcase!
Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

Can we talk about a crazy week?!  Oh man we are busy, busy, busy, and guess what?! I LOVE IT!!! Seriously I could not feel happier! I just feel so good right now! This is one of those times where I can't help but smile all the time! The work here is moving along, the members are great, and the gospel is what makes it so great and real and true!

The week started with some awesome district bonding! We did an escape room! I realize those are becoming big in America.  You basically get locked in a room for an hour with clues to help you get out! We chose an underwater theme! It was so much fun! We were laughing the entire time but we made it out! Wahoo! A willing district makes life so much better! I love my district! We getting along really well! My comp and I are happy!  And most importantly this district is ready to work and get Wrocław moving again!

We had a meeting with our investigator who has the baptism date! She seriously is amazing! She is such a kind and loving person! She read some stuff about the church on the internet and had so many questions! At first I was so nervous that this might be our last meeting with her but as we started to talk I just felt peace! I was praying so hard that we would know what to say but then all of sudden I was just hit with this thought to not worry – we have nothing to hide!  The Lord has nothing to hide!  People can be as negative as they want but in the end the Lord’s goodness will prevail!  After my prayer I felt it would all work out! By the end of our meeting she said she still wanted to meet with us and most importantly she still wanted to learn! She still has questions and we’ll do our best to answer and help her understand. So grateful she is still willing to learn and work towards her baptism! Seriously this was such a testimony to me that Heavenly Father's hand is in this work! We still have a ways to go but there is peace with it all! I know it will all work out!!

We had a really cute holiday here in Poland! It is Dzień Kobiet or Women's day! This is different from Mother’s Day.  It is a day where all the women both young and old are celebrated!  Men and boys usually give flowers or something like that to the women in their life! The entire day everyone was carrying around tulips and other flowers! Our elders were so kind and they wanted to do something for us! They thought flowers would be a little weird so instead they got us a basil plant! Isn’t that funny?!  They hid it and we found it in a cupboard! It was so fun to be a part of the tradition!

We also were able to spend time with this cute old couple! They love the missionaries and they call us their grandkids so we call them Babcia (Grandma) and Dziadek (Grandpa)! They have the most amazing stories about war times and they love to feed missionaries! It was Dziadek's birthday and Babcia was telling me all about naleśniki (crepes) and how she makes them! All of a sudden she says “Let’s make some right now!” She pulls out this 75 year old cookbook and we started cooking! It was seriously so much fun! She swears by Polish flour and that it is “the secret” to cooking! LOVE IT!  Afterwards while we were washing dishes, she gave me life advice and talked with me! THE BEST!  They are seriously so sweet! It is such a treat to be able to be with them!

This weekend was also so much fun! We had a Relief Society activity with the Legnica sisters! Legnica is about 45 minutes away by train! We met at a sister's house there! Her house was beautiful! We talked about the history of Relief Society and visit teaching.  Then we had a lesson on how to keep your skin looking good! The entire time I couldn't help but smile! Poland is such a different place from the United States but as women we all worry about the same stuff! These Sisters are amazing! They have such a firm hold on the gospel and they love and support each other as much as possible! They make the church work here! It was such a loving atmosphere and the Spirit was so strong! I was taking notes on how to master this sisterhood!  One of the best parts was our investigator came! It was so good for her and the ladies were great at making her feel welcomed!!

Church this week was incredible too! I was able to finally meet all the members! They are amazing! We had two new girls come to church and they both want to meet with us! The spirit is so good in this branch – I sat there thinking how much it was encouraging us to be a better people.  The members want the church to grow as well! We also were able to go visit a less active! She leaves two hours away from Wrocław but we made the trek! We were so grateful we did! (She fed us amazing soup and made us home made bread!) She is a great woman with a kind heart and told us she loves the gospel! The spirit was so strong in her home – I’m praying she’ll understand how important she is to the branch!

I also wanted to share a funny story! I was leaving a message on a member’s phone.  I was at the end of my message and I said “W imię Jezusa Chrystusa…” (in the name of Jesus Christ..) and then I awkwardly paused and said “WHAT?!” in English and then ended! Haha! I died! I was laughing so hard! I think missionary life hits a little too hard sometimes!!

I am so happy and feel so blessed! God is so aware of us and if we trust in His plan, it will always work out for our good!! Let go, lean in with faith and trust the Lord!  Miracles are happening!! I know more are in store!!

Kocham Was!!!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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