Monday, January 16, 2017

Warsaw, Poland - Great lessons this week!

I saw our favorite Siostra Lerch from my MTC district at Zone Conference!
She is in the Warsaw Zone now and serving in Lublin!
It was a happy partial MTC District reunion sans Siostra Barney & Siostra Kamp!
Siostra Beem and I riding the Warsaw ferris wheel with Starszy Haskett and Starszy Barlow!

January 16, 2017

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

I can't believe another week is gone! We had such a good week!  We were able to teach so many people!

The week started with Zone Conference! We talked a lot about teaching repentance! President Turek led this part of the training! He talked about how we need our investigators to understand how large of a part Christ has in our repentance process! He said that each of us has a reason to repent! This is something I have learned on my mission! I didn't understand the concept of daily repentance before my mission but now it makes so much more sense! Repentance allows for Christ to work in our life! As we do it daily we begin to change ourselves krok po kroku until we are becoming who Heavenly Father wants us to become! It was such a good training! I also was able to see my MTC friend Sister Lerch for the first time my entire mission!  Such a fun reunion!  It was sooooo great!

I want to share a few of our lessons we had! We met with a girl that used to be the other sisters’ old investigator! She is solid and knows a lot of it is true! She struggles with Joseph Smith and the Godhead! We decided to focus on the Godhead! We separated each of them out and had her explain who was who and then talked about their roles! I have never had to explain that concept very in depth and I was just praying we would both understand each other! At the end of it all she how much more sense it made! I walked out of there just realizing how real the gift of tongues is! There were words coming to my head that I hardly ever use and I was able to explain everything so that it made sense to her! It was an incredible lesson and we are excited to work with her!

The next lesson was had was with a cute less active girl! She is from Nepal and she works on Sunday so that is why she can't come to church! She hasn't been for a while and she really wants to start learning again! She has such an incredible light!  She told us when she was taught that she felt “like home.” So good! She also asked me what I have learned from my mission! I was able to share with her my feeling! I was holding back the tears as I talked but she just looked at me and confirmed how much she knew I had really learned from serving! She wants to start meeting regularly and coming back! Talk about a cud (miracle)!!!

The final meeting I want to share is the one we had with our Indian investigator – he is so great!! We decided to talk about the restoration! He was paying such close attention! We would ask him questions and he would answer with “that makes sense because it is the same in the Bible!” He loved the idea of a living prophet and he said that he believes that God still speaks to us today! When we got to Joseph Smith we talked to him about the first vision! I read the first vision to him and I cannot help but feel the spirit so strong every single time I read it! I can picture a young boy really searching for an answer and I can see Heavenly Father and Christ standing in front of him! We asked him if that vision seemed hard to believe and he told us no because God appeared to young people all the time in the Bible! Sister Beem and I were like “What?!!” We then talked to him about the Book of Mormon! We asked him to read Moroni's promise and what he thought/ felt! He told us he felt that same good feeling that he had felt when he came to church and he felt like he really needed to read it! We were dying! We asked him to read the Book of Mormon and he agreed! He said that he realized that he needs to start to find God again! He is so amazing and he agreed to start meeting with the Elders!! 

We are really being blessed by the people we are meeting with right now! I am so happy to be here and best of all I feel like I am continuing to learn more and more every day!  So blessed!

Kocham Was!!!!
Siostra DeMordaunt

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