Monday, January 23, 2017

Warsaw, Poland - Believe in His Plan! Just Believe! Exchanges in Łodz!

We had such a great exchange in Łodz!
Siostra Beem (back), Siostra Van  Woerkom (aka Siostra Van),
myself & Siostra Dekker
Łodz District:
Back L to Right: An investigator, Starszy Alvarez, Starszy Dossett
Middle: Sisotra Beem, Starszy Hill, Siostra Van Woerkom, Starszy Dickson
Front: Siostra Dekker, myself
Dream Beem and Starszy Hill - he had to go back home for surgery!  So sad!
Starszy Hill contacted me right after he received his call for info about the mission!
Train pict! 
Dream Beem contemplating the mysteries of the world!
I tried to mimic her pose but couldn't stop laughing!
Mistletoe in the trees! 
The Office Duo from Warsaw II
Starszy Einfeldt, Starszy Ashworth 
We had no idea what this really was but thought it would make a great picture!
Starszy Barlow, Starszy Ashworth, "the thing", Siostra Beem, Starszy Haskett

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

This week was such a great week!! 

We started our week off by going to Łódż with Sister Dekker and Sister Van! This was the first time I have left Warsaw in five months! They seriously are so much fun and this was one of my favorite exchanges my entire mission! It is always so much fun with Sister Dekker! I really loved Łódż! It is a cute, little city and it reminded me so much of the rest of my mission in Gdańsk and Szczecin! We had so much fun contacting, teaching English class and just being with them! They are doing incredible things down there! I always feel so grateful that I am able to serve with such amazing people! We are all so different but we are all here for the same cause, to bring others to Christ!

We also had the biggest miracle this week and for me it was life changing! We started visiting this member from Katowice, who is in the hospital! I have a hard time seeing people in pain so I was honestly a little nervous to go! We wanted to share a message about happiness so we read a conference talk to her! We then asked her what brought her joy! She told us that this was the first day in a long time that she was able to talk, stand, and eat food on her own! We couldn't believe it! She said that the gospel brought her joy! She talked about trusting in God's plan and how the gospel is what she holds on to! Her husband brought her a Book of Mormon and ever since she started reading it she started to improve! She said, "The doctors don't know what to call it but I know what it is - a miracle!" She is amazing! She told us how much she loves missionaries and how when she is out of the hospital she wants to serve a mission with her husband! She had such a light to her and some of the strongest faith I had ever seen! She is someone who took a hard situation and made it work! I just wanted to take her pain from her but the thought kept coming that she was being helped already! I learned what it really means to trust in God's plan! I couldn't help but get emotional afterwards! We are going to start meeting with her regularly. That meeting forever changed my outlook on trusting God's plan!

We also had a Relief Society with both Warsaw branches! It was such a good way to kick off the branches combining in two weeks! There were both Americans and Polish there! We played charades together complete with Miley Cyrus and Christopher Columbus! It just felt so happy and comfortable! It was such a good way to see the branches come together and I really think this merge is going to be good! Sister Beem and I both felt so much peace afterwards! We can't wait to see what is in store!

Finally I just want to share a simple testimony that I know God hears and answers our prayers! There have been a few things I have been praying and fasting for lately! Last night I was lying in bed just pleading with Him for some answers and those answers came! I opened my email this morning and read a letter from a friend – she answered a prayer!  He is there! He is so very aware of us! He loves us! Trust that He cares. Trust that He is there! And trust in His plan!

Kocham Was!!!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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