Monday, October 10, 2016

Warsaw, Poland - Obedience comes with a price and reward, The Atonement leaves no tracks

Mission Leader Conference:
Siostra Sloan, Siostra Thornton, Siostra Groesbeck, myself 

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

This week was such a good week!! It was also a week filled with a lot of emotions! I am just going to jump right in!

I wanted to first do an update on our investigator! He really is amazing! However, we found out this week that we now have to only teach people of the same gender! To be honest I was really sad and disappointed and maybe even a little frustrated! My first reaction was a little bitter but I immediately had the thought "are you willing to be 100% obedient?" I immediately thought "YES I AM!"  I called President and we talked about what was the best way to handle everything! I hung up and I just felt like it would all work out, and of course it did but first sometimes there comes a trail by faith! 

We met with our investigator and we tried to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ but something was up! We told him that we couldn't teach him anymore but that the Elders would love to teach him! At first he was ok with it but then he kind of got frustrated (sound familiar - aka pattern of Siostra DeMordaunt)! We talked with him about his baptism and if he really still wants to commit himself to Christ!  We told him if he truly did then the Elders would help him prepare through the Holy Ghost! The meeting ended sadly.  Sister Thorton and I both felt we may never see him again! We both were in tears! I prayed so hard and mighty that his heart would be softened! 

Right after he left the Elder's investigator showed up! We are all really good friends. Sister Thorton and I (still very emotional) had a deep talk with him about how improtant this is to us! We had a very real conversation about getting answers! It all felt like it was suppose to happen the way it did yet we were still disappointed that he may not continue learning about the Gospel! 

We were a little sad walking home when we recieved a text from our investigator...he wrote he still wanted to be baptized and that he wants to meet with the Elders! He want to clarified though to us that although they may be teaching him, he will always be our fish! We were so happy!!  Fish in the net!  And a great one too!

To add more to this happiness we received a referral from some missionaries in Lublin! They gave us the name of a woman and when I called her she was so excited to meet! She is an older women and she is so sweet! We began talking to her about the restoration! She told us how she had been given an ulotek (pass-a-long card) and that she had started reading online about our church on the website! She had read all about the Book of Mormon! She told us that she had had a really bad day and then she received a text from the elders with a scripture and message and of course it was exactly what she needed! She told us that she really wants to learn more! We asked if she wants to know it is true and she replied "Yes I really do!" We then invited her to be baptized and she accepted!! She is amazing! She gave me the sweetest compliment -she said when she called me she could hear happiness in my voice and a smile through the phone! I needed to hear that so badly! Sometimes we continuously try to spread the happiness yet are constantly rejected.  This rejection can sometimes be wearing on our souls so to hear that we sounded happy was like a big "Stay on track - keep going! There are those that notice!"  Anyway, she is amazing and we are excited to continue meeting with her! 

Once again, I learned that when we are obedient we really do receive blessings! It doesn't mean that times won't be hard but if we hold strong (fourth floor, last door) we will be able to experience blessings we didn't even know were in store for us! 

The final thing I want to share is about General Conference! I was finally able to watch the last session and every talk had a huge impact on me! The entire time I just kept thinking how grateful I was for a Heavenly Father who loves me and for a loving Savior who never turns away but has his hand stretched towards me at all times! There was something so deep and personal about this Conference for me! I could not even begin to comprehend the love that the Savior has for me! I become emotional as I sat there in awe and thought about how incredible the atonment truly is! 

This is something I loved that was said, “The Atonement leaves no tracks, no traces. What it fixes is fixed. … It just heals, and what it heals stays healed." This is the most incredible promise ever made! 

I am so grateful for everything I have learned on a mission! I have learned as Elder Rasband describes my diving heritage that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me even when I make mistakes! I have learned that I have a Savior who has never ever turned his back on me and loves me and guides me constantly in His work! I love this gospel! I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior!  YES I DO!

Kocham Was!!!!
Siostra DeMordaunt

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