Monday, May 2, 2016

Gdańsk, Poland - 6 MONTHS! Siostra Young, Service, Beautiful Branch, Q&A in English Class

I don't know if I'll fit with my guitar!  And what about my comp?!
On the road again...

The hills are alive!!
Six Month Celebration Cupcake!  Can't believe it has been six months!
Amber Alley (Mariacka Street) - where amber trading takes place!
My new companion: Siostra Young - she is from Canada and was baptized
 in Russia while her parent were on a mission!  She is wonderful!
Starszy Larsen (front) and Starszy Musgrave (back) 
Sunday dinner and birthday dinner at the Siostra & Starszy Taggart!
The Taggarts are the best!  I spent a day with them
while Siostra Young went to Warsaw for Sisters Training!
This is so bright but it is sooooooo beautiful here!
Picture book beautiful!
Spring and Summer are going to be amazing here!
And guess what?!  The architect of Gdansk was the same as Amsterdam!
Gdansk Branch's Relief Society President (left) and her adorable mom!
The made us apple fritter pancakes!  
I told her I played guitar. (Siostra Young plays cello!)
She whipped out a guitar and handed it to me
and then grabbed her mandolin.  We played together!  It was so sweet!
Cześć Family and Friends!!!!



Time has flown by way too qucikly and I wish it would all slow down!!!

As a missionary it seems like I experience so many firsts!! This week was another one of those firsts!! My first week in Gdansk!! I could not have asked for a better first week in Gdansk!! 

This week was a good start to getting me adjusted to Gdansk! It is so beautiful here! I feel like I need to stop and take pictures every ten steps!! 

My new companion Siostra Young is amazing! We get along really well already! She is super cute and really diligent! We were able to do a lot of contacting together and we already work so well off of each other! She gives me so many opportunities to talk and she really makes me feel equal in our companionship! 

From the first day she told me "Our companionship is equal!  No one is older or younger.  We will work together!"  This transfer is different from all the other ones because I am officially no longer a trainee! I am excited to learn and to grow differently this transfer! In the beginning of this week we met as district and set some awesome goals! I fell like this transfer incredible miracles are going to happen and they already have!! 

Something Sister Young and I want to focus on this transfer is service and just really forming relationships with the people we meet as well as the members! 

The gospel will always be brought up if we are straight forward about it but we want the people we meet to know we love them and we are just trying to shove the gospel at them! 

Something really awesome they do in Gdansk is sing at an Old Folks Home! I was able to bring my guitar and we sang hymns and talked with some of the people there! There was a new man there that use to be an actor. Hwould get up and put on his own concert and belt out Polish songs! All the old ladies covered their ears and rolled their eyes! It was hilarious and cute at the same time! It felt so good to do a service like that! 

Speaking of service Sister Young and I both have Birthday's this week! We are doing 20 + 1 acts of service! 

I want to challenge all of you to do some act of service this week! I would love to hear back from you and see/hear about what you did!! 

We also had such a good English class this week! We had discussed in our district meeting how we wanted to bring the gospel into English class! We gave a short spiritual message and then Elder Larsen came up with this awesome idea to have a question session after English and allow people to ask whatever questions they have about our church! 

For the English class itself Sister Young and I made giant Chutes and Ladders boards! We used a dice and each number corresponded with something they needed to do like if they rolled a two they had to recite a tongue twister! We also had question cards and wild cards where they had to do something crazy like talk in a British accent! They loved it and the turn out was amazing! It is such a fun group that really got into it! 

I was a little nervous that no one would stay for the question session afterwards but everyone did! They asked incredible questions!  They were so open to learn more! They are excited for the question session this next upcoming week!! Ahhh it just felt so good to talk about the gospel like that in such a comfortable setting!! 

I also was able to meet the members! We were able to go and teach two of the members! They are so awesome! 

One of them is the Relief Society President and the other was her adorable Mom! I told them I played guitar and she pulled out a guitar and I started to play! The sweet mom then pulled out her mandolin and started to play " I am a Child of God!" It was the cutest thing ever! They also fed us these small apple fritter pancakes that were amazing!! 

Sunday was amazing! I was really nervous to meet the members.  However many came up and gave me hugs, hand shakes and asked me about myself! I was able to bear my testimony and they were all so sweet and complimented my Polish! 

Also the most incredible thing happened! There is a women here in Poland who is the longest member in Poland! She has been a member for 50 years! She used to live in Gdansk but then moved away! On Sunday she showed up and the entire branch greeted her with hugs and smiles!! She has played a part in everyone's conversion story here! She has now moved back to Gdansk permanently and this is a huge blessing/miracle for the Branch!! 

This week was just incredible! 

Sister Young and I every single day couldn't help but say "today was great!" 

I know I am where I am suppose to be!!! It has been the most amazing and peaceful transition! 

I can't wait to see what Gdansk has in store!!!

Kocham Was!!!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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