Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gdańsk, Poland - A Great Last Week in Szczecin! Gdańsk awaits!

Note from Madre D - the first four pictures were sent from Siostra Cutting (missionary couple in Szczecin).  The Cuttings are a wonderful comfort and source for the Szczecin Branch and its missionaries and their parents!  They encourage, host dinners, and love - what more could we ask for?!

Siostra Cutting wrote:  We were prepared to show you the beauties of Spring in Szczecin.  But today it is snowing!  Seriously...on the 26th of April?  If intermittent snow showers is what it takes to create the Spring we see her, we'll take it.  Spring in Szczecin is unlike any we've experienced!

Siostra Cutting we love you and Starszy Cutting too!  Thank you for all you do!

On Pday we went to the top of one of the many Cathedrals to catch the view!
My Szczcecin!
I'm going to miss this girl!  So wise with insight!
So many feelings about this city!
My district wasn't allowing me to be nostalgic!  And kept making me laugh!
There are stands with bike to rent throughout the city! And so many trails!
We have such a great district!
Maybe it's a good thing we aren't serving a mission where we have to bike!
Did I mention I love my companion!?
My last Sunday in our branch was full of hugging and love!
Oh Ola - I'll miss you dearly!  Thank you!
I adore these twins!  I think I wasn't ever homesick because they were in my life
and reminded me so much of my own siblings!
Mighty branch members reside in Szczecin!
I'll be forever grateful for their examples and love!
This is MY family!  I love them with all my heart! 
They took care of me and my companions!  They are generous and so Christlike! 
One of my first letters home I wrote how I felt like I already knew them!  
Thank you sweet family!  I love you!
A lock of love for my family on the bridge!
Forever locked!

Farewells are never easy - especially when you are so grateful for the time together!
(My luggage is out of control!  Two large, one carry on and one guitar strapped to my back!  But I made it to Gdańsk without trouble!)
Einfeldt is headed south to be a Zone Leader and luckily
I'll still be in the same zone as this district!
Siostra Sloan is going to train one of the four sisters coming from the MTC!
Elder Garrison will be with Elder Leichty (yes he is coming back to Szczecin!)!
It was hard to say good bye to Siostra Sloan - she helped
me through a few rough weeks as well as taught me so much!
Love you Siostra Sloan!
Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

Just to give a small update I was transferred to Gdansk with Sister Young!! I will talk some more about it later on in my letter!!!

This week started off absolutely incredible! The young man we have been working with has been progressing really well! We had our second lesson with him on Monday night! He came to family home evening and the whole focus for that night was making prayers more meaningful!! He was really interested and asked great questions!  We then were able to teach him afterwards about the Plan of Salvation! He was so engaged and again asked really amazing questions! 

Sister Sloan and I both felt good about it and so we invited him to be baptized on May 21st!

Halfway through our lesson an incredible thing happened, one of the members came in and we invited him to join the lesson! When we asked him to be baptized the member bore his testimony of his own baptism and explained what it means to be baptized! 

Our investigator accepted!! 

The feeling that came over me was incredible!! It was the most amazing, spiritual, joyful moments!! We were so grateful the member came in and helped with the lesson - his timing was perfect!!  Here's another example of how much we are being watched over and are truly in the Lord's hands!! Our prayers were answered!!  The Spirit was so strong in that room!! I can't wait to see how he continues to progress in learning the fullness of Christ's gospel.  Sister Sloan promised me updates on everything!!

Our English Club was also absolutely incredible this week! Three young medical students have been coming together!   The class was so much fun and just comfortable.  These three students said they loved it because it makes them speaking!!  One of our goals at the beginning of the transfer was to improve the English class - it is inspiring to see this goal progress!!
Later in the week we were able to meet again with our investigator who has the baptismal date! This lesson was really incredible!! We talked about the Gopsel of Jesus Christ. When we came to the end of the lesson we talked about enduring to the end! Our investigator opened up to us and talked to us about some things he deals with in his life! We were able to testify and promise him blessings!! 

The Spirit was so incredibly strong and I could feel God's love for him so strongly!! Sister Sloan said the most incredible closing prayere.  There was so much peace and love it that room! I couldn't help but become emotional afterwards! It hurt me to see him struggling!  I  just want the peace that comes from the Gospel for him so badly!! I know he is going to continue to progress and will see the blessings that come from the everlasting Gospel!! 

A great miracle happened to me as well this week!  Right after I had found out I was leaving Szczecin we were doing a district finding activity in the park when I stopped this man and started talking to him! I explained what we believe and I invited him to church! He said he would come! 

While talking, I was struggling to remember a Polish word at the end of our conversation so I accidently said it out loud in English.  He said in good English, It is ok you can speak English!"  I talked to him about what happens in church all in English! 

He asked if we had a confessional before our meeting.  I then explained the repentance process to him and how it is between him and God! He agreed with me and promised he would be in church!! 

I had to give a talk in church on Sunday and as I was reviewing my notes he walked in! I gave my talk about everything I have learned in Szczecin and just bore my testimony about how much I loved them and how much Heavenly Father loves all of them!! 

After Church we had linger longer and he came up and talked to me! He said he wanted to thank me! He told me how he had been sitting in his university class that day and had been thinking about all these different directions in his life in which he didn't know what way to go! He said he had asked God for a sign! He then went to the park to walk and think and then I stopped him! 

He told me he believes that I was an answer to his prayer.  He thanked me and told me he was going to start meeting with the missionaries! He then asked where I was going to for my transfer.  His sister lives in Gdansk!  He gave me her information to contact her!  I was in complete amazement!

I could just feel the Spirit as he was talking to me! I told him God always answers our prayers and he agreed! It was amazing!  And in some settling way I felt like I was ready and suppose to go to Gdańsk!!  

As I said my prayers that night I thought back to what I had prayed for that morning.   I had asked to be an instrument in the Lord's hand that day!! I didn't do anything special to stop this man - the Lord just put me in this man's path to help him!  Our prayers are answered!!!! There is no doubt in my mind that we are loved and that we are listened to!

I am sad to leave Szczecin! It became my home away from home! I will forever love these people!  They loved and helped me more than they will ever know.  I am so grateful for everything I learned there!  Szczecin willl never leave my heart!  It is part of my mission's history.  I leave feeling good.

A few weeks ago I could NOT have said this...but...I am willing and ready for this new adventure in Gdańsk! I know that I am needed here in Gdansk.  I feel so at peace with the fact that I was transferred!  I'm grateful to serve with Siostra Young!  I know from past exchanges that she is wonderful!  I am excited to see what this new transfer will bring!  

To top it off I consider myself lucky that Szczecin will always have a special place in my heart!!!

I love you all so much!!

Kocham Was!!!!
Siostra DeMordaunt

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