Monday, June 27, 2016

Gdańsk, Poland - I believe in miracles! Gdańsk is going to change!

Old Town Warsaw pday with my companion for three days: Siostra Skyler Allowitz!
Her grandmother is in my parents' ward!
Emailing home!
Masks for missionaries! 
Siostra Allowitz was seriously so much fun! 
Old Town Warsaw!

I wish I could explain how beautiful this country is!
Meeting my companion:  Siostra Janie Groesbeck from Alpine, Utah!
Isn't she adorable!!
Introducing her to Gdańsk!


Gdańsk District: 
Starsi Left to right: Starszy Musgraves, Starszy Fuhriman, Starszy Larsen 
Siostry Left ot right: Siostra DeMordaunt, Siostra Groesbeck
Left to right: Siostra Groesbeck, Siostra DeMordaunt,
Starszy Fuhriman, Starszy Larsen, Starszy Musgraves, Siostra Taggart

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

Week one as a trainer is complete!! Wahoo!! Let the adventures continue!! 

This last week I was able to spend some time in Warsaw until I picked up my new companion!! I was able to be companions with Siostra Skyler Allowitz for 3 days for a pday and training!! We had an awesome time together! We could not believe that we hadn't served together yet! 

It was so fun to walk around and actually see Warsaw! I was even able to meet some members there and teach a couple of lessons! Siostra Allowitz and I immediately bonded and we were able to meet some incredible people together! It was such a good way to start of the week! 

On Wednesday we picked up our trainees! My new companion is Siostra Janie Groesbeck from Alpine, Utah! I could not be more blessed to have her as a companion! She is absolutely incredible and she just has this energy about her that is contagious! She is one of those people you look at and you realize they radiate! She has been incredible and has jumped in with both feet and is up for anything! We are starting to grow close in our companionship and have both laughed together more times than we can count!! 

We have already had adventures together as well!   Such as when I forgot to bring my hymn book so all the missionaries had to share one as we sang to the old folks, or walking through the storm to end all storms! She is exactly what Gdansk needs! 

After we picked up our traineers we came back to Gdansk and Siesta Taggart had made us gołąbki (cabbage roll filled with meat- seriously it is so good, it also means little dove or pigeon)! We ended up having our first district dinner all together! 

My district is now Siostra Groesbeck and myself, Starszy Larsen, Starszy Musgrave and their new companion/trainee Starszy Fuhriman! We had so much fun and I am so excited to see what our district can accomplish together! 

The next day was normal missionary work! Sister Groesbeck and I were able to go out contacting! We decided to choose a focus each week to talk about, that way we can both focus on it in our studies both in English and Polish! Part of this week and the next is the Book of Mormon! I could talk about that book all day! Sister Groesbeck was awesome and we worked out a flow in contacting where she was able to talk and bare testimony as well! I am so excited to see her grow! She is already an incredible missionary and she is just going to keep getting better and better! 

We also had English Club and...... GIRLS CAME!!! English has been as we refer to it "a bro class" but we were so excited to see some new faces!! We had such a fun time and everyone  laughed so hard! 

We also had our first night of training! I decided to have us start by discussing our purpose as well as bearing our testimonies in Polish! There was a really sweet spirit and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to train! 

The next day we were able to set goals for this transfer! I am so excited for this transfer! I honestly feel that there are going to be miracles that happen this transfer! Miracles are so real and Gdańsk is ready for them! I feel it is time!! We are both willing to put in the work and I know that miracles are going to happen because of it! 

The Lord is truly by my side, I feel he is guiding me every step of the way! That is really my goal of this transfer! I am relying 100% on my Heavenly Father! I feel like I have this fire that has been lit inside of me and I am ready to see changes happen both in me and in the area here! So here we go!  I am so excited!! 

We also were able to visit this awesome woman's house and see her puppies!  Of course my day was made! The next day we were able to go and teach a member some visting teaching! We shared with her one of Sister Groesbeck's favorite scriptures! Sister Groesbeck was awesome and bore her testimony of why she liked it and how it has helped her! It was such a good lesson! 

The last day was Sunday! Sundays mean so much to me on my mission! It is incredible to see the members meet together! There was such a good spirit in the room! 

A Dad and his daughter also randomly showed up and we are hoping to meet with them this week! Miracles are happening! We also were able to do a finding activity as a district and again miracles happened! 

Sister Groesbeck and I were stopping every person we could and we wern't having a lot of success! We stopped this one guy though and he was like "mormoni" (mormons) and I was like "Tak" (yes) and then he was like "jestem mormonem" (I am a Mormon)! He then went on to explain that he is Polish but has been working in Norway for the best 5 years and he joined the church two years ago! He has been trying to find the church but he couldn't find the address! We exchanged numbers and he is coming this next week! MIRACLE!!! Every person counts!  We want our branch to grow!  Sister Groesbeck and I could not believe it! This shows that we were in the right place at the right time and all according to how the Lord wanted it to happen! 

I'm having faith that there is just going to be miracle after miracle that happens! I am so excited for this transfer! 

Miracles happen every day if we choose to truly see them, this has been confirmed to me over and over again on my mission!!  It was such a great week!

Kocham Was!!!!
Siostra DeMordaunt

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