Monday, March 21, 2016

Szczecin, Poland - Free Agency, Gift of Understanding, Catholic Mass, Easter's real meaning

As promised here are a few more pictures that I didn't have time to upload last week from our exchange in beautiful Gdansk!  Our morning run!

Jumping for JOY with Siostra Dekker
(Sister Dekker's mom's name is Joy!)
Aren't these the greatest girls?
Siostra Sloan, myself, Siostra Young, Siostra Dekker
Siostra Young!
Siostra Dekker!
My great companion Siostra Sloan!
Siostra Young taking coming in for the win!
This week's photos...
What are the chances of two missionaries from Boise ending up in Poland?
Go Boise!  I heard there is another elder in the MTC!
We're trying to get out and explore Szczecin on Pdays!
We'll talk to anyone that will listen!

A zen moment!
Hoping this means spring is on its way!!!

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

Another week has gone way too quickly!! 

This week was a learning week for me!! I came to find out how devastating agency can be sometimes! 

Sister Sloan and I taught a previous investigator this week! She explained to us how she didn't know if she believed the Book of Mormon is true because she can't put it down when she reads it and it is easy for her to read.  She is dyslexic so this was huge! We tried explaining to her that was evidence of its truthfulness and that the Holy Ghost was testifying it to her! She still didn't understand! 

I walked away from that appointment really sad and discouraged! There is a part in PMG (Preach My Gospel) where it says you will feel devastated as you come to love those you teach and they, because they have agency, reject what is right in front of them! I came to know how true this was this week! I knew that the gospel would bless this investigator's life but she wasn't open to listen to the Spirit! Agency is incredible because it allows us to choose but it can also be one of the most devastating things as you see others you love choose incorrectly!! I am grateful though we are able to choose.  I know there are those that are prepared to see and choose! 

We also had District Conference this week! It was absolutely incredible! 

In the first session Elder Leimer, a member of the Seventy for the European area, spoke about yoking ourselves to Christ! He explained how oxen had to be yoked together and had to be equal in strength to pull the wagon! We have to be yoked to the Savior the same way! We are to strive and become like the Savior as much as we can, but because we are human we can't reach his level, therefore the Savior lowers himself to us and helps us along our journey! We are never alone! The Savior is there if we yoke ourselves to Him! 

In the Sunday session he said something I really needed to hear! He talked about the Gift of Tongues and how the Gift of Tongues sometimes doesn't always come right away through speaking but rather understanding! Sometimes I become frustrated with my Polish! I want to already be at the level of a missionary who has been here for a year - I know crazy expectations! After hearing what he said I realized that I understand so much more than I can speak! This was a huge testimony to me that the Gift of Tongues is real and present in my life! I need to be patient and continue to work and I know the language will come!

This week we also were able to go to a Catholic Mass! This is the Mass before Easter and so it was a special one! It was Palm Sunday Mass - commemorating Jesus' triumphant arrival into Jerusalem before He was crucified.  Everyone brought palm fronds to symbolize the Hosanna shout when Christ came to Jerusalem! It was really interesting and beautiful. It was an incredible experience to be a part of a Polish tradition! I am grateful to serve where people believe in Christ!

This week is Easter week and I am so excited to participate in all the Polish traditions! However, I really want to invite everyone to focus on the meaning of why we have Easter - the Savior and His atonement! I have felt the power of the atonement in my life and every single day while I have been on my mission! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He is our Savior and brother! I know that He loves us all and He performed the atonement for each of us! I know that He lives and I am forever grateful for Him! 

Kocham Was!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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  1. Thank you for the joy picture! It is the BEST! My kids always do jumping pictures at the beach, so this is fun to see them all bundled up doing the same thing on the Baltic!