Monday, March 14, 2016

Gdansk & Szczecin, Poland - Gdansk Exchange, Answered Prayer, the Atonement

(I didn't have time to upload all the pictures from this week, but here are some from the Gdansk exchange...)

Exchange tradition: peanut butter and oreos!
Siostra Sloan & Siostra Young!
There is always so much new energy that comes from an exchange!
Beautiful Gdansk - a port city on the Baltic Sea.
The building facades more colorful than this picture. 
Siostra Dekker!
Every time we are together I realize how much we are learning and growing!
Gdansk Exchange: March 17, 2016
Myself, Siostra Dekker, Siostra Young, Siostra Sloan

A beach run before we left Gdansk!  Therapy for my spirit, heart and mind!

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

I have so much to say this week that I don't know where to begin!

This week started off incredible!

We had exchange with the Gdansk Siostry which meant that I got to see Sister Dekker! I love exchanges because I am able to learn so much from the other sisters in our zone! 

We had a full two days of finding activities such as contacting, white boards, and tracting! It was such a good exchange! I was able to contact with Siostra Young and I learned so much from her! She does something different in every contact and I am trying to apply that as well! 

Siostra Dekker and I were also able to go tracting together! We were a little nervous we wouldn't understand.  To be honest sometimes we didn't understand but it showed me how much we do understand and how we can still have a conversation with someone about the Gospel! Talk about trainee power! 

The exchange ended in such a fun way! We woke up and went to the beach to go run and exercise! It was so fun to be on a beach again! Sister Sloan and I want to go the beach in Szczecin when it gets warmer for a P-day!
We then came back to Szczecin and it was crazy but it really felt like I was coming home! I loved the exchange in Gdansk but I was so grateful to be back in my city.  Sister Sloan and I were just walking around so happy to be back in the city we pray for every day and want so much for its people to embrace the Gospel! We spent a couple of busy days full of finding! 

This week was also kind of a roller coaster week, there were definitely ups and downs but the biggest miracle came out of all of it!! I wrote about a women last transfer that Sister Pierson and I met while tracting that was the most prepared person ever! She had told us she wanted to join our church because it makes sense that God would restore His church! 

Sister Pierson and I were thrilled about her but we thought she was avoiding us because we tried calling her and she never would answer!   However Sister Sloan and I decided to go to her house and visit! We met her mom and she told us to come back this week during the day and that she would be there! 

I prayed so hard with ALL my heart this entire week that she would be there and still be interested! As we were walking up the stairs Siostra Sloan and I were both praying as hard as we could! We got half way up the stairs when she opened the door and welcomed us in!  

Siostra Pierson and I had left her with our card with the website on it! She told us she had been reading on the the website and wanted to learn more! She explained how she had changed numbers and that is why we couldn't get a hold of her! We then taught an entire first lesson to her! I asked her to read the first vision.  After she read she sat quietly for a while and then looked up at us with a big smile.  We all felt the Spirit so strongly! 

We explained what the Book of Mormon was and asked her to read Moroni 10:3-5! Again she had a similar reaction! She asked to keep the restoration pamphlet and the Book of Mormon and said she would read and pray! 

We said a closing prayer and she said that although it is hard to change religions she is ready! We walked out and both burst into tears of joy! The Spirit felt so incredible! I felt so incredible! My heart was pounding that entire lesson and I felt the spirit so strongly!  We knew she did too! 

We sent her a text her on Sunday night to set up a lesson again and to ask if she had read! She said that she can tell we live by God's commandments and the Book of Mormon contains these commandments and she wants to live by the Book of Mormon!! We were both so happy because she is going to be happier!   

The gospel truly is a message of joy and it is incredible to see someone experience that joy! I can't stop thinking about that joy!  That is why I am here in Poland!  That is why I chose to serve a mission! It was amazing and I have never been so grateful in my entire life!!  The Lord hears and answers prayers for everyone!

To end I wanted to share the Sunday school lesson we had with the twins yesterday! We talked about the atonement and learning about it through the scriptures! We asked both of them to come prepared with a scripture about the atonement! We then watched a video called, "None were with Him."  (I encourage all of you to watch it!) 

We talked about our scriptures and what the Atonement means for us! In the video Jeffrey R. Holland talks about how Christ's journey in His atonement for us was utterly alone so that we may NEVER feel alone

As I began sharing how I felt about the atonement this incredible feeling of love came over me! I pictured seeing Christ again and feelings the prints in his hands, side, and feet and I pictured him calling me by name and me being able to hug Him and say thank you! I became emotional and so did everyone else! The Spirit was so strong as everyone shared how they felt about the atonement! 

I am so grateful for Christ's atonement - because Christ walked alone I never have to feel alone and neither do you!!
Kocham Was!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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