Thursday, December 17, 2015

MTC - Provo, UT- 11 days and counting!

The Sisters in our zone!
Sunday temple walk selfie!
Starší Smith, Starší Naegle, Starší Justesen, 
Starší Buckhoff, Starszy Ashworth, Starší McClain
Elders! Elders! Elders!
Our one and only Starszy!
I think we've taken this temple walk selfie every week we've been here!
This one is for you Tal and Soph!
(I'm sure Mom is shaking her head!)

(Yes I am.  Yes I am. - Madre D)
Good bye Dutch Elders!  Elders Oldroyd & Elder Mancer!
My favorite trio!
Love these girls like my own sisters!
We are so blessed to be together!
And we're still missing and praying for Sister Yochim!
Let it snow!
Prepping for Poland's weather!?
I ran into my buddy Elder Brandon Seamons!
We almost hugged!
It was so funny and sooooooooo good to see him!
Proper missionary pose!
Go get 'em in Texas Elder Seamons!
Starszy and our branch president's wife traded shoes!
"Starszy Ashworth & Siostra Kamp
are the best missionaries!"
Head band game with the Slovaks!
Comic relief is healthy!
Last zone temple trip together
- hard to believe we are leaving soon!
Siostra Barney & Siostra Kemp!
I love my companions!
Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

In officially 11 days I will step foot on Polish soil!! 

Ahhh!!! I am so excited but also nervous! 

One thing our teachers always say to us though is "nie bój się tzlko wierz," or in other words “Don't fear only believe!”  So I am believing as hard as I can right now!! 

One of the coolest things that happened this week was the BYU's Men Chorus came and did a Sunday devotional for us! It was absolutely incredibly! I am absolutely obsessed with music! As the choir began to sing I had chills all over! They sang an arrangement of one of my favorite songs Savior Redeemer of my Soul! It was so incredibly beautiful and the Spirit was so strong as they sang!! We were all so incredibly happy that we were able to have them come! 

Speaking of singing, I am so excited because I have the opportunity to sing in a small choir of missionaries on Christmas Eve! It is going to be so beautiful! We are performing in a nativity scene for Christmas Eve! I can't wait!!

One thing we have been working on this week is street contacting! We give a lesson in five minutes to someone on the street! Our teachers pretend to be people they actually met in the field. We go up to them and try to figure out what their needs are! This is a super important thing I have learned as a missionary! We are not focused on teaching lessons but rather on teaching people! They have their own struggles and problems in life but we know that the Gospel can help them, but we first have to focus on them as a person! Again it comes back to one of my favorite things ever: LOVE! 

We need to love the people! Something incredible one of my teachers Brat Kimball said was that we could be the worse public speakers in the world, but if we open our mouths and speak from the heart out of the love for that person then the Spirit will be there! My companion, Sister Kamp, also always says if we ask our investigator to be a hamburger instead of to be baptized in Polish if the Spirit is there then our investigator is going to know what we mean and feel the truthfulness of our message! She is the absolute best and she constantly leans over and is like, "hamburger" when I am frustrated! Each time we practice street contacting we get better and better and I am so excited to go do this in Poland!! 

We were able to Skype someone form Poland again this week for TRC! His name was Romuald and he is from Warsaw! We were able to understand him much better this time, even if we had to ask him to repeat a couple of things! He was so fun to talk to and was so excited for us to come to Poland! He knows our mission president in Poland super well and so he wrote down all our names to tell him with whom he spoke! When we hung up he wrote a cute note to the people who run TRC and we were able to see it! He said, " To ja dziękuję za fajną rozmowę z siostrami było bardzo extra (Thank you for the great conversation with the Sisters it was really great)!!" This literally made all of our days!! I am so excited to actually go to Poland and meet the incredible members there! 

We also were able to host this week! WAHOO! Hosting is where we go pick up the missionaries when they get dropped off! We take them to go get their books, name tag, drop of their luggage, and finally we take them to their classrooms!! It was so much fun to welcome all the new missionaries! It took me back to when I was first dropped off a few weeks ago! It was hard seeing them say goodbye to their families but it was great being able to pay it forward!! 

Our investigators are doing great!! Karina is being baptized next week and Sławek has almost committed to baptism!! We teach Leszek tonight and we are hoping to have him open up more to us and tell us why he became inactive!! 

Polish is coming along as well!! We are now learning little grammar things like command form and different prepositions to use during different points of time! One weird thing we learned this week is that if you want to say, "I want what you have" you have to say," I want that, what you have!" This is a little funky but we are starting to figure it all out! 

One last thing - the funniest thing ever happened this week! For some reason all of us Sisters woke up at 5 in the morning last Friday and Sister Barney all of a sudden sits straight up and says," We can say this…” and then begins to pray for all of us in Polish and when she finishes falls straight back down! We were all freaking out! We finally ask her if she is awake and she replies really annoyed, “Ya!" It turns out that she had a dream we were having district meeting in our room and she was asked to pray and then she was mad no one said amen! She finally realizes it isn't a dream anymore and starts laughing! We all just started dying!! It was the absolute best!!

I love you all and I am so grateful for this time of year and all of you!! I have learned so much from my mission so far and I can't wait to continue learning! 

Kocham Was!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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