Friday, December 25, 2015

MTC - Provo, UT: Christmas Eve and Day!

Raquel sent the following pictures on Christmas to us via email!

Pictures in jammies outside! 

Siostra Kamp sent us matching PJs!

We had great Christmas Eve together!
We laughed and talked and sang
Christmas songs over and over again!

Christmas stash!

We took some hot chocolate from the cafeteria!

These siostry are the best!

My Christmas loot!
Everything was perfect!

Christmas day - headed out to take pictures!

I loved having a white Christmas!
It added to our Christmas spirit!

Someone pulls out a camera and everyone gathers around!

Love our district!

Our zone!  Saying goodbye will be rough!

Forever strong!

Poles of the MTC - December 2015!
Out of the cold!

Christmas dinner!

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