Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wrocław, Poland - He allows us to be free - A Happy Baptism, Happy Easter

Such a happy Easter!
A special moment for this lady - no more smoking, gospel driven life now!
The changes I have seen in her are incredible!  She just continues to get brighter!
The Wrocław branch has been so helpful!
Here is where she was baptized.
I have to believe there will some day be a chapel here with a its own font!
These members are incredible!
Two ladies going to get their Easter food blessed by the priest!
We dyed eggs thanks to our investigator giving us dye!
Poland Warsaw Mission 2017
Easter dinner Siostra Gheen and I made for ourselves!
Singing hymns as a district on the rynek!
I love doing this!
Prepped meal by our Babcia!  Love her!
Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

This week was an INCREDIBLE week!!
We met with our young college aged student this week and had such powerful lessons! For our first meeting we decided to review the Restoration! I asked her to stop and really picture Joseph Smith in the sacred grove and then to read the first vision and ponder what it meant! We talked a lot about what the Restoration and the Book of Mormon mean to us! We talked to her about her baptism and how she is feeling about it all! She still feels torn! She said there are times when she just wants to say it is right and true but then there are other times where she is unsure! We talked again about gaining a testimony and how the Book of Mormon helps us to do so! It was a really good lesson! Our next lesson with her was so, so powerful! Sister Gheen and I weren't sure what we should share with her! I had been praying so hard that we would know and so as we planned we tried to put ourselves in her shoes and think of how she felt with it all! We decided that all of it comes down to one thing, Jesus Christ! We wanted to read from the Book of Mormon with her and discuss what Christ means to us! We read with her first about his atonement and how when we repent we are using his atonement and are able to feel incredible joy because of it! We then read when Christ visited the people in America after His resurrection! I told her how I think about Christ in front of me and I’m touching his hands and feet and talking with Him! I told her I picture Him embracing me and loving me! We talked about what faith in Christ is and I shared with her a personal experience I had! I got emotional telling it and so did she! I told her I knew Christ loved her and I told her that she was one of the most Christlike people I have ever met! We all got emotional!  She sat there talking to us about how sometimes it was hard to have faith in Him! It was such a powerful meeting and we both testified of the love of the Savior for her! You can see she is so torn!  Of course we want her to be baptized – not for us, but because I’ve witnesses over and over again how much it changes us and gives us direction! She wants baptism but is fearful! We gave her the Living Christ and she agreed to read it!! 
We also met with our non-smoking investigator and... SHE WAS BAPTIZED!!!! This weekend was filled with so much joy and love! She was a little nervous about being baptized but she felt ready! She had her interview and we practiced sharing our testimony! She was so cute about it all! Saturday came. We went and picked her up! We walked as a branch to the pool where she was to be baptized and it was such a special walk! She got dressed and stood there in white – it was beautiful! She was baptized! She had on the biggest smile I have ever seen! We came back, listened to the talks and a musical program by us – the missionaries! She gave a beautiful testimony about the truths she had found and how much she loves the Book of Mormon! The she took charge and thanked everyone for coming to her baptism! Confidence in doing what is right! She just had a different spirit to her all day! She was happy! Sister Gheen and I felt like we were on cloud nine!! The Spirit has a way of letting you love in a pure manner.  It was so incredibly special!  She now has not smoked for over a month! She told us that she really doesn't even get cravings anymore! The gospel is a gospel of change and it has been such a miracle to see so much change come within her! I will always love thinking about this day!
This weekend was also Easter! Easter is huge in Poland, like bigger than Christmas!! It lasts for four days and it is filled with traditions! In Catholic churches they have a huge grave for Christ and on the third day the grave is empty! Everyone on Saturday goes and gets their food for Easter blessed by a priest! They decorate baskets and bring them to church! On Sunday it is a day filled with family and friends! They eat a huge breakfast and spend the day together! Monday is a fun holiday where people spray each other with water, but luckily this year I didn't get wet - haha! Sister Gheen and I decided to keep the Polish tradition alive and we made a huge breakfast for Sunday dinner! We also dyed eggs!! Our cute young college aged girl bought us packets to dye them! She is seriously the best! The eggs in Poland are brown so it was quite the adventure but so much fun! We also went out on Saturday and Sunday as a district and sang hymns on the rynek! It was so beautiful and I love the spirit that hymns always bring, especially in Polish! People stopped to listen and would smile as they walked past! It was such a perfect way to spend Easter! On Monday went over to Babcia's and she made us some traditional Polish food! I could have not asked to spend Easter in a better way! 
Christ lives!  He loves us!  He allows us to be free from all the stuff we get ourselves into and also to live again! 

I just want end with saying how proud I am of my sister Natalia! She recently got her mission call to go to Korea! I could not be more excited for her! I know she is going to be an incredible missionary! There are so many people in Korea that need her love and spirit! I thought the first day I stepped in the MTC "Tal would love this!"  I love her dearly and although our time will be short together I am so grateful to be able to support her every step of the way!!  Eighteen months is nothing compared to eternity!
Kocham Was!!!!

Siostra DeMordaunt


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