Monday, November 28, 2016

Warsaw, Poland - A great Thanksgiving! Light the world kick off!

Thanksgiving at the Chadwicks!
We had no idea the president's family was attending!
It is beginning to look a lot like christmas!
Our apartment has much to be desired - but the Christmas decor helps!
Sister Beem's mom made our Wesotych Swigt banner! 
We are proud of our little tree!
Sister Beem's mom sent us a tree with family pictures!
The Polish do Christmas right - everywhere is decorated!
Baked goods!
Polish doughnuts!
(currently 1 zloty = $0.24 USD)
On top of the Palace of Culture and Science
View from a building where we were tracking!
Cleats on a windowsill! People are nuts about soccer!
November 28, 2016

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! We had a good week and there was plenty of indyk (turkey) eaten! 

This week we weren't able to meet with our investigators because they both were sick! However, they are both doing really well! We are set up to meet this next week!

We had kind of a slow week contacting but we are continuing to see miracles every day! We met with a couple of people that we had met previously. A few were males but they agreed to meet with the elders so the work is moving forward here in Warsaw!!

Thanksgiving was amazing!! It started off with a lesson with this woman we called from our area book! We showed up at her apartment. We walked in and seriously it was the most amazing place ever! She is a fashion designer that has been all over.  She told us her life story! Her apartment looked straight out of a movie set! We were dying! She is a really spiritual person and we are excited to see where it all goes with her!

Thanksgiving night we were invited over to an American Family's house and boy were we spoiled! They brought out the turkey and really it looked like it should be in a magazine!! There was so much good food and we were so grateful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with them! We also had a surprise guest! Sister Beem and I were sitting waiting to eat when the doorbell rings and the youngest daughter says, " Oh the Tureks are here!" Sister Beem and I looked at each other wide eyed and then we both started laughing! It was so much fun to be able to have Thanksgiving with our mission president and his family! We were laughing throughout the night! I just could not help and feel so grateful the entire day! 

Now I know you may be thinking that Thanksgving ended that day but here comes Thanksgiving round 2!! As we were walking to the American Familiy's house we needed to call the elders, They were suppose to have had Thanksgiving earlier that day! We call them and to our surprise they weren't able to make it there and their Thanksgiving day hadn't been the best! Sister Beem and I decided to provide Thanksgiving for them the following day! We told them to meet us at the chapel for their lunch hour! We ended up making an entire thanksgiving meal (minus the turkey, chicken was provided by KFC)! They showed up and we all sat down as a district for Thanksgiving round two! It was so much fun and one of my favorite memories from my mission! I really could not be more grateful for my district!

I want to give a little update on our fish! He is doing amazing! He has really changed his life and even better he wants to change! He is so much happier and there is definitely a different light to him! I could not be more proud of him! He is headed in the right direction and he is making the change because he has a desire to do so! This is what the gospel is all about!!!!

I don't have much to write this week but I do want to invite you all to check out the Christmas video provided by the Church! The theme for this year is "light the world!" The video is incredible and it shows simple ways we can make the world a little brighter! This month Sister Beem and I are starting 25 days of service! The Church is also doing a similar thing! We will be doing an act of service each day leading up to Christmas! This is one way we can make the world a brighter place! I invite you all to think of something you can do during this Holiday Season to make the world a brighter place and light the way to Christ! He is the reason for the season! He has brought so much light into my life and I am grateful I have this time to bring that light to others!

Świeć Śwaitu!!
Light the world!!! 

Kocham Was!!!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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