Monday, August 29, 2016

Warsaw, Poland - A week of great conversations! Warsaw Zone Conferences!

Cute Warsaw!  Isn't Poland so cool!?
Warsaw II District!
Back row:  Starszy McMaster, Starszy Schwanke, Starszy Baldwin
Front row:  Starszy Connelly, Siostra Thornton, myself
Siostra Thornton and myself at Old Town Square
Aren't these streets amazing?
Warsaw Zone Conference!
Starszy Connelly, Starszy Schwanke, Starszy Ashworth, Starszy Quackenbush
Siostra Thornton,  Siostra Dekker, myself
Part of our MTC District - I can't tell you how good it is to see these people!
"Our Starszy," Siostra Dekker, myself, Siostra Kamp!
Ten months in this together this week!
Siostra Thornton and I infront of the Warsaw Chapel!
Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

This week was a crazy one so I am going to jump right in!!
The week started by walking around the old town of Warsaw!! It is so cute and it was good to bond as a district! 

My district has six missionaries in it... yes six!!!!! This is the biggest district I have been in! 
My district consists of Siostra Thornton and myself, Starszy Schwanke and Starszy Baldwin, and Starszy McMaster and Starszy Connley! I can already tell this is going to be such an awesome group and that we are going to work really well together!! 

This week had a strange curve ball thrown into it as well! Sister Thorton's ankle was bothering her Monday morning and by Monday night it was huge! We called and scheduled a doctor's appointment for the following day!! The next day we had district meeting and then we did a finding activity as a district! We meet some amazing people! 

Sister Thorton and I talked to this man who is playing soccer here! He talked about how he is struggling with prayer right now! We testified to him about prayer and how it strngthens our relationship with God and how the Book of Mormon helps us do this as well! He said he wanted a Book of Mormon in English, because he doesn't speak Polish! We didn't have one but we are meeting with him this week to talk about it! 

I also talked to an African American man who was from France! He had met with missionaries before but doesn't agree with everything! We talked a lot about how the Book of Mormon and Bible work together! He talked a lot about Christ.  I told him the bottom line is that it comes down to Jesus Christ! He grabbed my hand and was like "Amen!" It made my whole day! 

We then went to the doctor! Sister Throton and I were panicked about him speaking Polish and how to get there so the AP's took us! We get in his office and we start speaking Polish.  Then he asked, "What language does she speak?" and we replied "English."  He spoke fluent English the rest of the time! We died laughing!! Unfortunately the doctor told us to stay inside for a couple of days and ice her foot because she had been bit by some sort of bug! Sister Thorton and I were determined to only be inside for a day, we prayed and prayed and iced her foot and guess worked!! The Lord hears our prayers!  Just like the guy from France said...AMEN!

We had some incredible meetings this week! We met with a less active women and talked about why she had stopped coming to church! We asked her how she felt at church and she answered, "Peace!"  She agreed to come to church this week and we are so excited to work with her and help her!! 

The following day was filled with meetings and finding! We met with our investigator! We had such an incredible meeting with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We related everything back to Jesus Christ! He asked me if I knew 100% that God loved me and I looked him in th eye and said "I did!"  He asked how we knew.  We were both able to testify of times when we had felt God's love for us! We then talked about repetance! It was a great meeting because it really opened his eyes! He kept saying "I want to be a better person" and we explained how because of the atonement we are able to be better when we repent! It was a break through lesson! At the end he said he wanted to have faith like us so he is going to be more diligent in his prayer and scripture study! He is getting there!  We are starting to see the change in him! 

We also met with a lady we found in our area book! She was amazing! She has such a tender heart! When I prayed in the beginning she cried afterwards and told us how much that meant to her! We talked about the Book of Mormon and prayer with her! She even asked for a specific verse to read! She gave us a bag of apples from her tree as we left and invited us back again! It was such a touching lesson!! She is one of the most kind people I have ever met here! She feels so deeply and she just has so much love in her! I can't wait to meet with her again!!

Zone training also happened this week! Elder Ashworth and I were able to lead it all in Polish! I was so nervous but there was such a good spirit there! My favorite thing we talked about was why we are here as missionaries! We asked that question and then concluded what unites us all is our love for the Savior! We played the talk by Elder Holland The First Great Commandment! I really encourage all of you to read it!! It talks all about our love for Savior and what he asks of us is to be His disciples! There was such a powerful spirit that entered the room! I testified afterwards about how much the Savior loves us and how freeing His atonement is! I couldn't help but get emotional! I truly love my Savior and His atonement! I don't understand all of it but I know that is was done personally for me and I am excited to continue to study and learn more of His grace and pure love and the sacrifice He performed for each of us!  Think about that...He did it individually for EACH of us!  We can have a personal relationship with Him.  It was so good to be able to see all the missionaries in our zone!! I feel so connected with all of them!!

I don't have much time but I just want to say that I really am loving Warsaw! I am starting to get my groove here! I know miracles are in store and we have already seen so many!! 

I want to end by sharing a conversation I had with a recent convert in our branch! Sister Allowitz and Sister Herrera taught him before they left! This was my first Sunday meeting him! As we were talking he asked me what I remembered about my baptism! I told him I remembered feeling really good and at peace when I received the Holy Ghost! He told me that he had felt good before his baptism but that when he received the Holy Ghost he felt "cos innego" (something else)! He described it as an energy, a strong power! He was so happy and there was a sparkle of light that came in his eyes as we talked! 

This again reminded me why I am here! It is for the people, to bring them to Christ, to see that light come in their eyes! I will forever be grateful for that conversation!!

Kocham Was!!!!
Siostra DeMordaunt

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