Monday, February 1, 2016

Szczecin, Poland - Exchanges with Gdańsk siostry (Siostra Dekker!), teaching the restoration, rain makes them run!

Best surprise:  Oreos and peanut butter!
I know this is blurry but we had so much fun together!
Siostra Dekker!  Siostra Dekker!  Siostra Dekker!
There are colorful squares like this all over!
Exchanges with the Gdańsk siostry!  It was so much fun!
Myself, Siostra Gretchen Dekker,
Siostra Madison Young, Siostra Brooke Pierson
Just like the old MTC days - Love, love, love this girl!
Heading out to do a stanowisko (street contacting)!
Kababs with the Starszy Liechty and Starszy Platter
Siostra Dekker's first kabab!
Did I mention how happy we were to be together?! 
Feeling the peace!
We couldn't stop smiling!
Paczki pals!
Paczki stand - made fresh right here!
Saying goodbye!  Grateful we are in the same zone!
Siostra Dekker & Siostra Pierson!
Myself with Siostra Madison Young - she has a beautiful voice! 
Our trainers:  Siostra Young and Siostra Pierson!
Traditional "Makowiac" - sweet poppy seed!  So good!
(I promise I'm not on my mission for food
- but seriously it is so good here! And I'm a foodie at heart!)
This is the name of Szczecin's soccer/football team -
the mascot is a griffon and it is all over the place!
Typical "doma fon" - we dial the number and try to contact people.
It is difficult but sometimes we are let inside and get to speak with them face to face.
Rain! Rain! Rain!

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!

I have so much to say this week that I don't even know where to begin!! 

First the week started off amazingly because we had an exchange with the Gdańsk Siostry!! I was so excited because I was able to see Sister Dekker (one of my MTC comps!), as well as get to know Sister Young!! We picked them up on Monday night and Sister Dekker and I ran and gave each other a hug! It was so good to see her!! They are so, so sweet and said they had a special surprise for us when we returned  to the apartment later that night!! When we returned home we all got ready to plan and Sister Dekker and Sister Young brought out my favorite treat of all time.... PEANUT BUTTER AND OREOS!!! I was so excited and it was so fun to sit, talk and plan all together!! Sister Dekker and I talked and talked!!  I LOVE HER!

The next day we woke up and they came to our district meeting! We have been focusing on Christ-like attributes! I have come to learn from our meetings how we begin to develop a Christ-like attribute, such as Faith, Charity, Hope, Love, etc. is by small and simple steps! The entire time we talked about them all I kept thinking is something my Mom always talked about - line upon line! We can't become Christ-like in a blink of an eye it starts by focusing on one principle and doing small things to improve it.  When we improve one area the other areas grow as well!! 

We then went and did a stanowisko all together! Sister Young has a beautiful voice and so we sang for part of the time too!! I love singing in Polish - I know I probably say everything wrong, but I feel the Spirit so strongly every time I sing in it!! 

Sister Dekker and I also contacted together! AHHH!! It was incredible! We talked with this man who had met missionaries before and had read the Book of Mormon! He wanted to know where our church was! It was crazy and really surreal to be actually contacting someone in Poland with Sister Dekker because we had practiced so many times in the MTC!! We kept saying how incredible it was to be walking the streets of Poland together! 

We taught English class all together that night and played a super fun 20 questions game!! We then all went had got Kababs!! It was Sister Dekker's first one!! The next day we all got Paczki (Sister Pierson and I are convinced that Szczecin has the best) and said goodbye!! It was so good to see Sister Dekker and to get to know Sister Young! I realized how far we had come and we have only been in Poland for a month!! Such a good way to start the week!!
The rest of the week flew by!! 

We met some incredible people this week! Sister Pierson and I try to start contacting and talking to people the minute we step out of our building! We met two incredible sisters by doing this! One of them took a Book of Mormon and really wanted to read it and the other wants to come to English class! We had such a good discussion about the Gospel and both said they would love to show us around Szczecin and hear more!! It was amazing!! 

We had the biggest miracle ever happen this week! We were tracting and we weren't having that much success until we knocked on this one door! This young women answered that door and I started with the normal introduction: We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have you ever heard about us? She replied she hadn't and I replied that we are here to share a message about Christ and how we can come closer to him and then she said "Really? Come on in!" 

We talked about the restoration and she immediately said that makes so much sense that God would restore his church! We then talked a little bit more about what we believe and she was like so can I join your church.....WHAT?! We explained how we give "lessons" on what we believe and then SHE asked for OUR number and said she is super interested!!! We couldn't believe it!! After we left we immediately said a pray of gratitude!! 

My heart has never been so full of thanks!! We then saw her later that week and she stopped and talked with us even though she was hurrying to catch her tram!! AHHH!! Sadly she couldn't come to church this week because she was out of town but she told us she would definitely be there next week!! It was such a huge tender mercy! 

Heavenly Father knows we are here and I have come to see his hand in my life every day!!! 
I wanted to end by sharing some fun or funny things...

Something fun is that Sister Pierson and I, as we tract, try and memorize a primary song in Polish! We are memorizing "I Know when I am Baptized!" It is so much fun and we just sing as we go along!! 

Something else that is super cute is that when people fist bump or pound it they say "Żółwki" or "turtle!!" It is adorable!! 

Something funny is that Poles will sit and talk to you in snow or freezing cold but in the rain they won't stop!! We went contacting when it was rainy and everyone was running trying not to get wet!!
I love Poland and I am so grateful for the tender mercies and miracles that I see everyday!! I know Heavenly Father knows we are here and we can see His hand in our life everyday if we choose to look!!  So keep your eyes and hearts open and LOOK!
Kocham Was!!

Siostra DeMordaunt

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