Monday, January 4, 2016

Szczecin, Poland - First email from the field! New comp! First city!

Szczecin! I thought it would be like "Boise cold" but it is way different ha ha!
We will turn a corner and hit the wind!
We both can't breathe or speak for a moment!

Siostra Brooke Pierson and I!  She is the best!
There are cathedrals all over the city!

View from our apartment window!  

So we bought a bunch of eggs (Siostra Pierson is obsessed with them) because they were super cheap!
We were so excited and then we looked at the date that night and they expired the next day she made a bunch of scrambled eggs and boiled eggs!
We were laughing so hard!!

Cześć Family and Friends!!!!


It has been a crazy week getting here!! 

We traveled a total of twenty seven hours to get to Poland from Provo!! All travel went smoothly until we were on our last flight from Munich to Poland - we were half way there when the pilot says we are turning the plane around because there was some sort of problem and that the flight might not even happen that day! We were all panicking but luckily they had another plane and off we went to Poland!! 

We arrived and immediately went to do paperwork and finally went to the mission home! We met the Mission Presidents, President and Sister Edgren. They were so incredibly sweet and had an entire meal ready for us! 

We spent the night and in the morning we had breakfast and we were off! We had some more legal work to do and then we went street POLISH!! It was crazy but also so much fun!! 

We then finally went and met the trainers! I found out I will be serving in Szczecin with Siostra Pierson!! 

I had to say goodbye to my incredible district! We all cried and hugged! It was so hard to say goodbye to my companions, Sister Dekker and Sister Kamp but I can't wait to be reunited with them during the mission! 

Siostra Pierson and I hopped on a train and off we went for 6 hours to Szczecin!! Siostra Pierson and I just sat talked and got to know each other!! 

She is so cute!! She is from Ogden, Utah and has been on her mission for 8 months now!! 

We arrived in Szczecin and met the Elders in our district, Elder Platter and Elder Liechty!! We came straight to our apartment and after unpacking I went straight to bed!! 

This week has been absolutely incredible!! 

To give you a run down of our schedule we wake up every morning and go running right by the river!! (Our apartment is adorable and overlooks the river!!) We then come back, get ready and study, study, study!! I absolutely love it because I learn so much form Sister Pierson!! She is so incredibly diligent and has the most amazing spirit to her! We have so so much fun together!! 

After study we get bundled up, and I really do mean bundled, and get out the door! Through out the day we are street contacting, bus contacting, tram contacting and just talking to everyone we meet in POLISH!! 

Oh my heck this is one of my favorite things we do!! I love just talking to people about what I believe and how it can help them!! 

I realized I don't know Polish, but I just love listening to it and often I can figure out what they are getting!! 

We then have meetings with investigators and with less active members through out the day!! 
With the holidays, we haven't been able to meet with our investigators but we have meetings set up for this week! 

It is crazy to walk the streets of Poland and wear my name tag and just to be a missionary!!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! 

I want to write a little bit about Szczecin because it is so incredible!! It is right by the river and has cobble stone streets everywhere with different color painted houses!! Also by our apartment there is a chocolate factory so it smells like chocolate, can you say perfect?! 

There are Cathedrals everywhere, like huge ones!! Szczecin is also so so cold!! It is a different kind of cold then I have ever experienced before so we have become really good at bus and tram contacting!! 

The people here are so sweet too! Even though we are rejected a lot they always are polite and smile! A lot of people here are excited we are learning the language so they always comment on our Polish!!

I honestly feel so blessed to be serving here and I already love it so much!!

Our district is made up of just Siostra Pierson, Elder Platter, Elder Liechty, the most amazing senior couple ever the Cuttings, and me!! We have a tiny Branch but the members are so great and so strong!! I was able to bear my testimony to them on Sunday, in Polish, and they all came and shook my hand and hugged me and welcomed me to the Branch!!!

I am so incredibly grateful to be in Poland serving a mission and to have my first area be Szczecin!! I am so excited to see everything Poland has to offer!! I love this gospel and I know it is true and I am so excited to share my testimony with the people in Poland!!

Kocham Was!!
Siostra DeMordaunt

P.S. I am so grateful for everyone who wrote me! I have no time to write back this week but please know I love you and your emails make my entire week!!

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