Sunday, July 12, 2015

Recieving and opening my mission call - Merida, Mexico

Finally here! 

My mom sent this picture via text - she had to put it up high so my family would stop touching it!
My mission call came to my home in Boise on Monday, July 6 but I was in Merida, Mexico on a study abroad.  I signed up for Merida before I decided to serve a mission.  I wanted to increase my Spanish fluency and knock off some classes for Spanish minor.

We had heard not to send it to Mexico via the US postal system, UPS or FedEx so we had discussed faxing it or holding it up for me to read over Skype.  But I really wanted to hold that envelope!  

So after a day of prayer, my mom called me and said "I'm sending it!  My heart tells me it will reach you!"  She sent it FedEx!  She watched the tracking all day and kept me posted via text.  It arrived in Merida but wasn't loaded on a truck for half the day.  We waited and waited.  Finally it said it would be there by 4 p.m.!  I was holding it in my hands by 4 p.m. on July 9!  But now I had to wait for everyone to get back home.  Natalia was on a humanitarian trip until late Friday, July 10!  Also Natalia and Sophia had a mandatory volleyball camp on Saturday!  

I hurried and FaceTimed home to tell them it was in my hands!
Customs had to open it so I had my roommate 
hurry and put it in a plastic sleeve!

We were all dying!  Finally we decided to open it on Sunday after church in Merida.  

During the waiting days I called home and told them I knew I wasn't going Spanish speaking.  I just knew in my heart that I wouldn't be speaking Spanish on my mission.  I was kinda shocked but the feeling was clear.  My mom told me she kept seeing me wearing a coat as a misionary!  I thought, "But I don't really like being cold!"

Here were my family members' predictions.  Sophia was the closest with Bulgaria!



Finnnnnnalllllyyyyyy it was Sunday!  After church in Merida we set up my computer, connected with my family.  We were nervous - the internet was always sketchy and we had to reconnect whenever we talked several times!  But it worked!  Some classmates, my professors, our Mexican mamas gathered around.  

I was shaking!  

I had prayed long and hard that I would know in my heart wherever I was called was where the Lord wanted me to go.  I just wanted that confirmation whether it be in Omaha, Nebraska (I had dream I was called here!) or Africa.  I wanted a confirmation from the Spirit that this call was what the Lord wanted.

Here's the video:

Reporting Wednesday, October 28, 2015!  Speaking Polish!

How crazy!  Never in a million years would I have thought POLAND!  To quote Professor Price, "That's what I call a left field mission called!"

As I read the words "Poland Warsaw Mission" I felt a blanket of peace cover me.  This was where I knew I was to serve.  

I felt so much love from the Lord trusting me with my call to Poland.

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