Thursday, November 12, 2015

MTC - Provo, Utah - Adjusting is going well!

Loony from " SYLing or Speak-Your-Languaging!" 
(Yes that is a verb here!) 

Sunday walk!

Bins for our books = a tidier classroom!
Photo bomb courtesy of Starszy Ashworth!

Prepping for Poland!
First day of snow and we are freezing!

Study break or maybe a nutty break!
I ran into Emma Richards and Maddie Giles while walking to the temple!  They had just done baptisms!
"That girl looks so happy!" - Emma
I was sooooooooo happy to see them!
Dear Family and Friends!

Another week has flown by here in the MTC! I am still loving it here! The MTC definitely pushes you but in such an incredible way! It makes me want to become a better person and I feel so happy here! So much has happened in this week! 

Sister Kamp and I have been teaching non-stop! I forgot to mention last time the name of our investigator, her name is Karina! We have taught her 7 lesson now all in Polish! It is amazing to see where we started the first day and where we are now! As companions we have learned how to better teach our investigator and really focus on what she needs! We are far from perfect at it but we are getting better and better each time! We have had incredible progress with her! My favorite lesson we have taught her so far was this past lesson the topic of faith! Sister Kamp and I wanted to really break down what faith is and what is means to have faith and how you act on faith! Sister Kamp did this awesome analogy with a light switch! She explained that we faith that when we flip the switch the light will go on, we may not be able to see everything that goes on but we have faith that it will work! I then explained how we need to act on our faith and if we do this God will help us! The spirit was so strong in the room! We asked her to be baptized and she said she wanted to but needed to learn more first but she felt so good while we taught! Sister Kamp and I were smiling so big!! 

We also got a new investigator named Sławek! We taught him for the first time on Tuesday! For the past two lessons, one with Karina and one with Sławek, we have just be writing down verbs or small phrases we don't know instead of translating our whole lesson! It has pushed our Polish to a whole new level! To be honest the first lesson with Sławek, when we did this, was really rough and we were a little discouraged! However, this week as a companionship we were challenged to SYL (speak your language) the entire time and we have already seen so much improvement! We have four more lessons to teach this week! Ahhh it is so crazy but also so amazing!!

My district and zone are doing well! We had to say goodbye to Elder Hymas and Elder Swink this past Sunday which was so incredibly sad! They were two Elders that were suppose to leave two weeks ago to go to the Czech Republic but their visas didn't come so they stayed here! Sister Kamp and I became really close with them so it was sad to see them go! It is crazy to think that will be me in just a short 7 weeks!! 

It snowed for the first time this week as well which was so fun and not so fun! We were definitely cold! We all realized we were going to have to toughen up for the winters in Poland! 

The language is coming along! We learned verb conjugations this week which made me so happy!! We now can speak a little less broken Polish! Our teacher, who sadly had to stop teaching us this past week, Brat Jensen always says "Krok po Kroku" or "step by step!" I know that is how this language is going to come! I have become much better at understanding people speak in Polish so that is good! 

We now have two more teachers which is so awesome! They also play our investigators and let me tell you they are incredible actors! They are so different as teachers than investigators but I am so happy to have two teachers now! 

Oh another great thing that happened this week, and this might seem funny but it was great, we got Chick Fil A for dinner! Apparently that happens every once and a while! Siostra Kamp and I were so excited!! We even snuck Chick Fil A sauce out in case of emergency! 

I am sorry my email is shorter this week! I have no time to write, but I love you all so much!! I love the MTC and I am so excited to get to Poland! Sister Kamp and I talk about that every day!! 

Love you all again and thank you for your support!!

Kocham Cie!!
Siostra DeMordaunt

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